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Mabuk Laut

Mabuk Laut image

“Mabuk Laut” is The Panturas' debut album. Contains 7 tracks which tell about Indonesia’s marine issues. “Mabuk Laut” means seasick in Bahasa Indonesia. This title inspired by Kuya (drums)first sailing experience in Indonesia. “When i see the ocean, I really excited but i want to throw up when i know that so many problems in Indonesian coastal area like a fish bombing and human trafficking” Kuya said.

The music inspired by 60s surf rock legend Dick Dale and The Ventures. Beside that, The Panturas influenced by 60s – 70s Indonesian surf rock group like Eka Sapta, The Tielman Brothers, Arulan, and Kwartet Bintang. So, let’s play these tracks and sailing with us!